Hunt Preserve Packages

Red deer stag huntWe offer a challenging hunting experience within a privately owned natural (uncut) forest consisting of mixed hardwood and softwood stands, including dense softwood thickets, with trails that weave throughout the preserve.

Our tree stands are "buddy" size for your comfort or to accommodate a companion and we provide heaters for our tower/ground blinds.

Prices include cleaning and caping your trophy and transporting your deer to our meat cutter if you're having it processed here. Next day service is available if needed.

In addition to the pricing below we offer special Trophy/Meat combos as well as "add on" meat hunts at reduced prices. Very late season specials may be available. Call Mark evenings at 207-356-3582(cell) for more details of the hunt and services we provide included your hunt price. All prices are subject to change.

Management Stags - Start at $1300. These will be 2-3 year olds with 6-10 points (photos below)

Management stag huntManagement Stag Hunt 2

Mature Trophy Stags - Start at $2500 for 12 points and $3000 up for stags 14-18 points. These are over 4 yrs. old.

Early season bookings offer the best choice of stags and meat quality.

Gold Medal 300+ SCI - Prices on request

Quality Meat Hunts - Hinds (females) - live weight 200-300lbs. - Single meat hunts are one day hunts.

Photography hunting - During non hunting months we offer photographers who want to film the deer in their natural surroundings an opportunity to spend the day in our preserve with their camera. Precious shots of babies romping, stags in velvet, and August stags in hard antler provide a beautiful setting for some wonderful photos or videos.....Call for pricing.